• Stump grinding

  • Tree planting

  • Trail and path creation/ maintenance

  • Mowing of tall grass and vegetation

  • Clearing of small openings for food plots

  • Removal of saplings and Brush to allow new regeneration

  • Wildlife habitat improvements

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A compact walk behind machine allows us to clear areas non-invasively without needing to create a road to get to the area. No large ruts or damage to yards or existing trails.Tracked stump grinder to minimize ruts and only 29 Inches wide capable of fitting through narrow gates.


  • Improves the aesthetic look of your property

  • Removes places for pests like raccoons and opossums to hide

  • Should help reduce the number of disease carrying insects like ticks

  • By clearing weeds and invasive plant species early it reduces their chances of spreading

  • Allows overgrown and un-useable land to be reclaimed and enjoyed by the land owner

  • Removing weeds and other brush allows for young trees to have less competition and grow faster and healthier

  • Allows more sunlight to reach the ground that will help native vegetation grow

  • The new plant regeneration provides food for animals such as deer

  • Having brush removed before a land survey can help with locating property pins

  • Removing vegetation around fence lines helps cut down on the long term maintenance of the fence

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